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Event Name

Entry Deadline

Wed 09 Oct

St Anne's Park

Thurs 26 Sept   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 16 Oct

St Anne's Park

Mon 07 Oct   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 23 Oct

St Anne's Park

Fri 11 Oct   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 20 Nov

Bushy Park

Thur 07 Nov   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 04 Dec

Bushy Park

Thurs 21 Nov   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 22 Jan

Tymon Park

Thurs 09 Jan   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 05 Feb

Tymon Park

Thur 23 Jan   @ 23:59 hrs

Wed 04 Mar

Hellfire Wood

Thur 13 Feb   @ 23:59 hrs